A social virtual space with a purpose.

A virtual reality experience for someone who may be lonely, depressed or isolated to connect with someone else who is willing to listen.

How many lonely people do you think there are in the world, who would just want to sit down for 10 minutes and speak with someone seriously?

We are Experiencing a loneliness epidemic.

Loneliness is as much of a threat to longevity as obesity.

Loneliness produces a greater risk for heart disease than smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and excessive alcohol consumption combined.

Social pain is as real as sensation for us as physical pain.

Social networks can provide the “illusion” of connection, with more technology people are more disconnected. There is a correlation between high use of Facebook and increased depression rates.

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Depression is a disease of loneliness. Around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety.

Designed to dissolve boundaries, distraction, walls, noise, barriers.

Connection with other people can make all the difference.
We need the right tools to facilitate human connection and allow people to connect in more meaningful ways.

The focus is the conversation.

The most powerful reward system we have as humans is other humans.

WALTER GREENLEAF, Behavioural Neuroscientist

Social VR Is a powerful tool that is yet to be used for a transformative outcome.

To take this capability from a ‘socially fun’ to a ‘social change’ medium is a massive opportunity for positive change.

Interfacing with others in entirely new ways

We are all created equal in the virtual world and we can use this equality to help address some of the sociological problems that society has yet to solve in the physical world.

BILL GATES, The Road Ahead